Suezo looks for a rapper...

2012-05-19 01:39:22 by Suezo

The music just keeps coming!!

Hey Nerds. I've already posted in the collab section of the forums page... but I'll go ahead and put the ad out here too in my news feed.

As I start producing more of the tracks on my new album "Retro-Lution", I'm going to be looking to do some serious collaboration work with artists looking to get their feet wet or others who just want to kick it and make some good music. At the moment am looking for some one with rapping skills and a decent microphone to assist me with my next track.

If you know someone or think you are up to snuff with your own lyricism to help me out, send me a message and we'll talk about collaborating.



Suezo looks for a rapper...


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