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Yoshi's Island Castle Theme NW Yoshi's Island Castle Theme NW

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful stuff!

Brings me back to the good old days of toting around that annoying little baby. My favorite thing in the piece is the metallic percussion you applied perfectly. And also a nice use of the DSK choirs plugin.

blackrose96 responds:

Thank you so much. It's the little details that make a big difference. I use Magnus Choir and I mix in a few of my own voices as well to make it sound a little less like a plugin.

Midnight Madness Midnight Madness

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Sound pretty groovy. Like a suedo-matrix drum beat in the back.

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Duality Duality

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome stuff man!

I don't know why, but I just wasn't really feeling the chord progression you were using in this piece. But that is pretty much my only beef.

Keep up the good work.

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JoelSem responds:

Thanks for not docking points for something related to personal taste :D. Of course, thanks for your time as well.

**Zelda's Lullaby** **Zelda's Lullaby**

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm curious, did you get the idea for the ending from Eric Whitacre? If not, I really did enjoy this piece.

A great change of pace from the common fodder in the AP.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol I love how many people are asking me that. I love Eric Whitacre's piece "Sleep" but even if I had never heard it, I would've ended it the same way. He is quite an inspiration though ^_^

Thanks for the review! :D

Hydro Dreams (8-bit Chiptune) Hydro Dreams (8-bit Chiptune)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Stuff

I love the ornamentation and that one pitch bend you did (I love those)

Kudos for keeping within the boundaries of 8-bit counterpoint. I've always found it hard to express creativity in my music with only 3 voices (have yet to actually do it.), but you've managed to pull it off wonderfully.

Its true talent like the composers of the 80's that could make a memorable tune with such a narrow box to work in, hell its like Beethoven and Haydn.

Great job.

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8-bit Boss Battle 4: The Rival 8-bit Boss Battle 4: The Rival

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The energy is awesome.

Its definately a theme that puts you in the scenario of an tough fight. I like when a tune can change your perspective even for a second when you start to listen.

love it.

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IC&RS Holiday Special IC&RS Holiday Special

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Suezo's Easter Judging (V.A.C 6)

What up Art!

Its Easter and I figured that you deserved some reviews that you were promised. So I threw in my two cents as a peer reviewer.

Acting: 28/35
Continuity: 21/25
Originality: 15/15
Range: 12/15
Mixing: 7/15
Final: 83


Acting: You acting was great, but for goodness sakes man, don't be afraid to speak! you acting has much more potenial when you put you heart into it, this includes volume. Don't be afraid to shout when its called for. The characters were very diverse, and in a nice "dudely do-right" format. I can appreciate good work like that.

Continity: It was a little wonky in the beginning and end but you stayed on the subject of your story for the most part. The plot was nicely paced by the way: introduction, explanation, conflict, and then resolution. I think if you can just present it a little better with your acting you'll be on the right track.

Originality: I like the radio show idea you took. the sort of "rocky-and bullwinkle/ dudley do-right" thing you had going really set a nice mood for the picture you were painting. I suppose it from a continuing series you've already done. I'll have to check that out!

Range: This goes back to not being afraid to speak up. I think if you open up your voice a little more to the microphone you can explore many other varieties of voice than you would be limited to at that volume. I couldn't quite pinpoint the villian's voice though it was a little ambiguous.

Mixing: Be sure to go over your clips (mosty music) and balance them out with your voices. They seemed a bit overbaring at times. Also work on the timing between your music selections for better effect.

Great work Artell. Keep up the good stuff

ArtellTheWanderer responds:

Hey Suezo! Sorry for not replying immediately--I haven't been on NG for awhile because I've been writing a mega-long paper for college graduation. Thanks for the review!

I've always been soft-spoken, and I guess it shows in my voice acting. I try to avoid yelling because it tends to produce audio crackles, but maybe I just don't know how to do it right. I guess I need some more experience or teaching for speaking and mixing.
For continuity, the reason it was probably strange in the beginning was because I had to remove some portions to fit the submission under 6 minutes. I originally had more lines that might have made more sense in my submission, but they weren't as essential as were some other portions, so they got cut. Hopefully I'll find better ways to condense in the future.
I'm glad that I was able to produce an original work. I'm a big fan of the super-cheesy, old-timey media productions, and a radio show seemed like the best fit for an audio adaptation of my work. It may surprise you to say that this is actually the first submission of its kind; however, I like what I did here, so I might add to it in the future.
I agree with you about the range. I know that the narrator and the villain were very close in style; I was actually debating how to voice the narrator for awhile but eventually decided I just needed to pick something and run with it. I need to work on opening up my chest to make use of all my resonators, and project more effectively than I do now. Part of the reason it may have been more hushed is because I live in an apartment with three other college roommates, and I wanted to be courteous. Oh well!
I fully expected mixing to be my worst category, as I am inept in using Audacity. I need to sit down with it and experiment some more. Hopefully I can do much more now that I'm out of school.

I enjoyed reading this review, and I will be sure to take this information into account for future submissions. I'm also taking a few acting courses this summer, so hopefully they'll help sharpen my skills. I'm still very much interested in the vocals series, so please let me know if you need me to do anything else for that! I've also worked on a silly little script idea for my vocals series character; let me know if you want a copy! Keep up the good work and I hope to hear more from you soon!

The Christmas Visitor The Christmas Visitor

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Suezo's Easter Judging (V.A.C 6)

Hey M.F.R.

It's Easter and I figured you deserved some reviews that you were promised.So i've thrown in my two cents as a peer reviewer

Acting: 27/35
Continuity: 15/25
Originality: 15/15
Range: 10/15
Mixing: 5/10
Final: 72

I thought this skit was really funny.

Acting: I strongly agree with JaShinYa below me about the improving. There didn't seem to be much of a concrete script, but thats not to say you didn't improve well. The problem withimproving is that it can lead to akward dead space and bad pacing, but you seemed to overcome that for the most part.

Continuity: I didn't really get into what you were doing with this one. It was funny, but some things seemed very unclear. North pole? Australia? it just seemed a bi too confusing. If you hadn't have mentioned North pole, "it snows up there" and "this is the worst christmas ever" I wouldn'thave known its was christmas themed (that and the title.)

Originality: As far as repeated mishap comedy goes, I thought this was pretty funny with the shotgun. I have seen anyone do one like this so you definately stand out in originality. Good work.

Range: You did a good job varying the ranges of your characters but they just seemed a little out of place. The husband sounded kind of like the human blob (very unnatural) other than that I think you did fine.

Mixing: Dead space (lots) at the end, you need to balance your sound effects a bit, I hope no one triesto listen to thins with headphones on. Make sure you go back over your clips and piece to re-evaluate these things before you upload it. This will improve your work tremendously.

Really good stuff. I was laughing my ass off.

Dear Santa Dear Santa

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Suezo's Easter Judging (V.A.C 6)

Sup Freyas!

It's Easter and I figurd you deserved some reviews that you were promised. So I thought I would throw in my two cents as a peer reviewer

Acting: 27/35
Continuity: 20/25
Originality: 13/15
Range: 9/15
Final: 74

Finally getting some chicks in this sausage fest.

Acting: To start of, I think you acting was very genuine for the story you were trying to tell. you definately showed some good variety with each changing letter to santa and the child narrating it. now, that being said, I think you can put some more diversity in the different voices you used. You started off good with timmy but I think you could have done more accent wise as opposed to age.

Continuity: The overall idea was a good one. My only problem is that I didn't feel any type of closure with your skit. Jessica seemed to have more emphasis than any of your other characters so that would have been a great chance to add that to your plot, but I don't feel like that came around as I hoped it would (maybe like a conclusion with an elf at the north pole receiving the letters and doing something with them.) You did, however, did a great job of changing the mood when her section came in, pointing out that it is possible that some people don't exactly have good things to say to santa.

Originality: Again, this was an overall good idea, but I think the lack of an actual plot as opposed to it being a series of short monologues took away from this being a stand out skit from the other entries. Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic idea, I think you just need to plot it out a little better.

Range: You fufilled the category of different voices but I only felt a distinct difference between the first 3 voices and the last one. Accents will help mae your characters more diverse (hence timmy) and I think you have the potenial to give them more of this.

Mixing: As everyone said before me, you could do to be a little louder on the microphone. Don't take away any of your voice though! you have a great outward presence with your voice you just need to amplify it a little more to give it a better shape in your acting. Aside from this, you just need to refine your mixing elements (timing, balance, etc.)

You've got some good things going on here. I hope to see more from you in the future!

FreyasDaughter responds:

Many thanks for the review! I enjoyed your compliments and will try to take your critiques to heart and implement them in my next skit.

A Winter Voice Ensemble A Winter Voice Ensemble

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Suezo's Easter Judging (V.A.C 6)

Hey Dude!

It's Easter and I figured you deserved some reviews that you were promised. I thought I would throw in my two cents as a peer reviewer.

Acting: 24/35
Continuity: 17/25
Originality: 14/15
Range: 8/15
Mixing: 4/10
Final: 67

Nice vocal ensemble in the beginning

Acting: I felt like you could have done SO much more with the voices. They all seemed sort of "dailed in" and didn't really offer anything characteristically. They all shared a similar monotone, very non-apealing attitude. I think you can improve on this in the future

Continuity: I'm assuming the jist of your sit is a series of short stories? if not it was very confusing to understand what was going on as a whole. The main story seemed to be the snowman near the end. it was nice to add variety, but I think you would have been better of with a singular story

Originality: I think the originality of your skit comes from its variety, or sporatic nature ofstories. they all share the same theme, but are diverse in their own way. I couldn't really see what would make this stand out from the other entries with the other elements in play, but I commend you for putting in the effort to try something different (a.k.a th a capella in the beginning.)

Range: I think your downfall in the range is the tone and attitude of all of your characters. because of this, they all seem to morph together into on similar voice, and I had a hard time trying to stay focused on what you were presenting because of it. I think you should experiment with your area near the mic, you seemed to be a little to close as well.

Mixing: You need some work on mixing. the basic things (quality, timing, pacing.) if you just take some time with each of your clips and your skit as a whole, re-evaluate all of them to try and organize them properly and I think you'll be on th rght track.

Great job.